Co-op Membership

Membership Guidelines

How much does it cost?
- Monthly store dues are $25, paid quarterly in advance.
- 15% commission is charged on all items sold and deducted from your monthly cheque.
- An annual $10 membership in the Coquihalla Arts & Crafts Society.

What’s expected of me?
- All members must work in the store. The scheduling committee decides the number of shifts per month based on membership.
- All members fully participate in any extra-curricular projects we take on – i.e. decorating jobs & special events.
- Members are responsible for keeping their area well stocked with items that are clearly priced, in a neat & tidy way that blends with the rest of the store.

Am I automatically accepted?
- We welcome all inquiries. Prospective members submit samples of their work to be juried by the members of the co-op.

What can I put in the Store?
- Creative Company only accepts high quality items made by artisans of the Nicola Valley and surrounding communities. Senior members may choose to have their work protected – having too many similar items serves neither member nor customer well.

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